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Green Chile and Cheese Rolled Tacos 
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This recipe is for us green chile lovin' people!  Simple to make, tastes great and would make for great appetizers for any occasion!  This recipe only makes 6 green chile and cheese tolled tacos, but of course if you need more, add more! :-)  I used medium heat chiles, but of course you can use whatever heat you can handle.  Just keep in mind who you may be serving these to.


6 Roasted, peeled and seeded Green Chiles
6 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch cheese sticks (depends how much you love cheese) I used pepper jack cheese but any cheese will do, so use your favorite
6 corn tortillas
about a 1/2 cup oil


If you use cheese sticks that's fine but you may need to cut them down a bit as most are longer than a corn tortilla will handle.  I used a block of pepper jack cheese cut in 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch by about 4 inches pieces.

  1. Prepare your cheese sticks and freeze for at least 30 minutes
  2. Prepare your green chiles - roast, peel and seed.  Canned whole green chiles will work
  3. Heat your cooking oil to a medium heat
  4. Heat 1 corn tortilla at a time and warm until you see bubbles forming on the tortilla (this softens so you can roll without breaking) set to side
  5. Take your cheese out of the freezer
  6. Wrap your green chile around each cheese stick
  7. Roll your green chile and cheese stick in your corn tortilla
  8. Heat your oil to high and fry each rolled corn tortilla until light brown
  9. Let cool about 10+ minutes and serve

Note: When your oil is heated to high (about 350 degrees) watch your rolled tacos as they will crisp up fast.  Be sure to turn over to crisp all sides.

Hope you Enjoy!

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